Diallo Photography
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Artist Bio

1968 -
I was born and raised in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area, and the creative arts played a defining role in my life from an early age. A background in musical training led me to New York City for undergraduate studies. It was at this point that I pursued music as a profession, first as a jazz saxophonist, then as a composer of classical music. Both of these endeavors continue to resonate strongly through my photography and greatly influence the vision I bring to my work. Photographic assignments have led me to Africa, Asia and Europe, as well as much of North America. I reside in Brooklyn, New York.

Artist Statement
My fascination with photography is deeply rooted in the idea of selection, or more precisely, reduction. Through the lens, any scene, be it natural or posed is a broad canvas from which to extract the essential nature of a subject and record it onto film. It is the process of selectively presenting a subject, devoid of all extraneous matter so that it is free to communicate something about itself beyond its (obvious) physical nature. What I portray through still images is nothing more—or less—than the world as I understand it. Whether through symmetry, contrast, texture, or the myriad other ways in which we relate to the physical world, I hope to share with viewers simply one way of seeing.

*Photo taken by a child in Western Tibet, 2000