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Are digital prints any good?
The term "digital print" itself is incredibly broad, applicable to output from $50 home printers as well as $100,000 garage-sized presses. A more useful description for what I produce is digital fine art print. Each tool and process I use to create a print are carefully selected and skillfully employed with the singular aim of achieving the highest possible image quality. More specifically, the printmaking process I use yields an image by applying a carbon or color pigment ink to the surface of specially treated long-lasting paper. The ability to edit pixels on a computer, coupled with precise control of ink density on the printing paper allows me to create a broader tonal range on the print than is possible with traditional darkroom methods.

How long will your digital prints last?
The printing papers I use are acid-free, lignen-free, and ph neutral. The inks are pigments with exceptional standards of longevity. In fact, lab testing has shown these materials provide a print life exceeding that of silver-halide black and white RC prints and all traditional color printing methods. The mounting and framing materials meet archival standards as well. Each print comes with a print replacement guarantee against any signs of image degradation (i.e. fading, discoloration) when displayed indoors either under glass or away from direct sources of sunlight.

What are limited edition prints and why are they more expensive?
These images are editioned at a quantity of fifteen. Once an image is sold out (i.e. edition 15/15 has been purchased) there will be no future fine-art prints produced. Reproductions beyond this point will be limited to offset press output including posters, cards, periodical/book publication and promotional use in varying sizes. Each limited edition print is signed, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. All editions of an image are printed at a single size. Paper stock may vary over the life of an edition. In contrast, prints not designated as limited editions have no such restrictions in terms of quantity produced or print sizing.

I can't find a photo I saw here last time. Where did it go?
Images in the galleries are rotated on a regular basis. You can browse the entire collection of photographs that have been featured on this site in the catalog.

Where can I see your work in person?
My work is exhibited nationwide. If you'd like to stay up to date on future shows and events please subscribe to my free newsletter. I'm always happy to arrange private studio visits for collectors.

Can I return a print?
With each sale, you have a grace period of 30 days from the delivery date in which you may return the print, still in its original condition, for a full refund of the sale price.

What types of payment do you accept?
Prints, services and commissions can be paid for by Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

Do you sell framed prints?
The majority of my images are sold matted and unframed. The selection of framing material and moulding is often an individual choice determined largely by where the piece will be hung. For some images however, I utilize unique display options, such as a shadowbox where the edges of the paper float in the frame without an overmat. In these instances the print, mount and frame are sold as a complete unit.

Can I order prints online?
While the web is great for presenting work to a large, diverse audience, I believe the sale of art is best done with direct contact between buyer and artist. Each image for sale has a purchase info link. Here you'll find out how to finalize the sale. Prints are custom-matted (or framed) once an order is placed and ship via FedEx.

How much is shipping?
FedEx 2nd Day delivery is provided with each print sale, at no charge.

I still have more questions.
Please feel free to with any questions or comments.